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Greetings PD followers. Here is the future path for Peoples Dinar Forums.

Over the next 72 hours you can still follow the progress. See the scope below. This will not change, do not worry.

The current and working forums is use the http format: (sorry, I created the stupid rules and not can not give full format)  a/k/a will ask for a new login and password but a valid account)

The temp new forum during the upgrade for testing will be “http”://  (once live you will get to see the new live format)

The final resting place for our site will be “http”:// a/k/a (DNS will take a few hours)

The only reason this is being done is for the mere fact that we are at the end of this investment. Trust me, this will be a journey you will never forget.

The only reason this is being done is for the mere fact that we are at the end of this investment. Trust me, this will be a journey you will never forget.

As we approach the end of our journey on this endeavor and we move on to the next one, what can I do to help you thru this difficult journey?

Do you want a Q&A session? Open chat room for Q&A?   Tell me what you want.

This site will be upgraded this weekend to the most advanced version. Easy to use and great for mobile devices.    So, tell me what you want.   Thanks,   Blessings,  Steve

Fozzie  said:  Q&A would be fantastic. I have new questions based on rumors that Iraq could have an exchange period for the larger notes, like the 50 Dinar Bill, and then discontinue notes “in country” only after this time period is over, but that they would only be discontinued “in country”.

This makes me nervous as I had a 100 German Mark Note that I can no longer exchange because it was discontinued for the new currency. I attempted to exchange it at an exchange booth in the airport and was told that unless I am a German citizen and have a German bank account, it was useless paper.

Stevel:  Ok, I will answer these now.   Like you mentioned, there is the process of “in country” and other means. The 50K has been in the works for awhile and was to draw the lower three zeros in due to the counterfeiting. This was forces by the CBI and all of the citizens have been aware of this process. So what is the concern now?  All is good.  Blessings, Steve

Mr Haney said: So are they, forcing?, exchanging the 25K for the 50K to weed out the counterfeiters?

Stevel:  Yes, big time. This was a plan not just a matter of fact.   Blessings,  Steve

sds67 said:  Sir, do we need to exchange our 25,000 we have not for the 50,000 or just in country.

Stevel:  Absolutely NOT!  This is an in country only. I talked to may sources and I want to put this to rest now.  Blessings,  Steve

Freedombug  said: Could you give any updates on the progres at Mousil?  We heard the supply line was disrupted….have further sticks taken place? Thank you.

Stevel:  Yes, according to our sources, all troops will have everything under control and one within a few weeks

buck72801  said:  Don’t u guys really feel this is coming to an end? We have been here kinda before, and so many things has gotten in the way ISIS which will soon be waswas, but this time feels so different, almost like it’s expected and no way it can’t ,God bless and have a wonderful day. Tim

Stevel:  Yes Tim. They need to finish security in the country and then things will move very quickly.

Dane  said: Hey Steve,  How do you think the RV process will unfold and what indicators should we be looking for?

Stevel:  Indicators will be completed security within Iraq. Look for the final undertaking and freeing Mosul.