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Here’s some great news to wake up to on this Sunday morning: Prime Minister Abadi is forming a new political front made up of a 200 seats in parliament that involves Shiite, Sunnis and Kurds alike.

In other words he looks to be building a new non-sectarian national unity in Iraq, free of corruption and a government for the people! This has been part of Prime Minister Abadi’s new government plan for some time now, as confirmed by my research.

Also in the news today,

Prime Minister Abadi rejects Iran’s Quds Force Commander, Qassem Soleimani request to retain Nuri al-Maliki as Vice President of the Republic.

This shows that Iran doesn’t have the influence over Abadi that they had over Maliki and also shows that Abadi won’t be pushed around by Iran. With PM Abadi’s formation of a new parliament coalition, along with his support of from the highest clergy in Iraq and all the talk and need for currency reform, Iraq just may have what it takes this time to see it all through.

One thing for sure, a new non-sectarian national unified Iraq will have the best chance of seeing the 2016 Budget passed before the end of this year and the launch of Iraq back into the economic global community in 2016 as well. Both something Iraq is long over due for!

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