In Stryker 

There has been a lack of news this weekend pointing to any possible revaluation of the Iraq dinar for today (October 1, 2017).

So for those that are looking for a new rate to be announced today or tomorrow I’m afraid it’s just not going to take place until we see that the CBI Law amendments are passed.

Our newshounds are watching for Tuesday’s parliament agenda publication to confirm that the vote is going to take place then.

It is worth noting that the CBI has not posted a daily auction for tomorrow (Monday October 2, 2017) and was performed today, as they have been doing but it’s also worth noting that today was a holiday in Iraq (Ashoura Day).

In the past few months the CBI has held earlier auctions to cover any future holiday but not this time.

Just in case I will be up late tonight to see if there is any changes in the IQD from an exotic currency to a hard currency status.