Article: “76.89 trillion dinars value of deposits in commercial banks” WOW!!!…HUGE HUGE statement:  “…in addition to Iraq rid of the financial crisis that hit in 2014” They are saying here that they have overcome their financial crisis!! AND the private sector deposits EXCEEDED the government deposits — looks like the mattresses are getting leaner! And furthermore: “the relationship between the citizen and the banking sector is witnessing a significant improvement” The Iraqi’s are TRUSTING their banks! WOWOWOWOWOW! Think about the significance of this for a minute: Would you trust your bank if every. single. dictator. that you have ever had, has stolen your money and gold from your accounts? The CBI and Banks have accomplished GREAT strides for sure!!

This is a very BIG article when you break it down. For us:
1. settlement of salaries of employees in the public and private sectors
2. integration of Iraq in the global economy
3. increasing geographical spread of banks
4. electronic payment and their impact in attracting the mass of cash
5. and the launch of deposit insurance
Why would they need these mechanisms AT A PROGRAM RATE? They wouldn’t!! I love this article!!