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Highlights of Tony’s conference call.

Already Blessed: SHORT Update Call Today.  No call on Friday UNLESS . . .

Tony:  The day before Thanksgiving and we should all be Thankful for what we have.  

Iraq:  Everybody has reported in positively and the word, I was told this morning, has been give the “all clear, go, let’s get started.”  My question is get started when?  My understanding is the CBI has cleared everybody to go once again.  No bad news. . . Hearing every agency has approved it. . . Hearing UST is to approve it and UST says they have approved it. Back and forth.

I heard our President say 45 minutes ago:  “Go about your business.  Enjoy this holiday time.”

CURRENT WINDOW:   Tony:  Any moment now.  Any  time today.  Supposedly want this to happen before the holiday. I’ve been hearing this for a week and a half now.  Why they want to go to the last minute,        I have no idea.

Don’t see any reason for this not to happen between now and the 30th.  Don’t see any reason for it not happening yesterday.  Really feel this could happen at any particular moment.

PLEASE MAKE A DONATION – BILLS OVERDUE FOR TNT.   This site benefits us. Tony:  Running a month behind, hoping it’s over. 

IRAQ:    Iraq really wants to do this RV.   They will be the richest country in the region and have their complete freedom back.

  • CBI was having issues with banks in Iraq and that has been cleared up.  Issues with banks in other countries was cleared up on Monday.
  • Banks:  local banks are letting the citizens know they have the lower denom’s.  Tony was told Kurdistan released two of the lower denom’s yesterday.
  • TV /Mosques telling the citizens it is about to happen, that it is pending, imminent.  Being told lower denom’s in place.
  • Amnesty:  Tony expects it to be announced at the same times as the RV.


  • Rates:  Live rates are up and attempts have been made several times to push them through and they don’t go.  Tony has no idea why they don’t go through.   Reports of rates on screens from various countries.   Tony: The rates we’ve been hearing, outrageous rates, could happen.   They are way above what we have been expecting to see.  The ones last quoted in the banking system have been probably more of the contract rate for that type and could have been changed since the agreements were made.    


  • Holiday Weekend/Thanksgiving:  Tony:  When it starts it could go till 11 pm every night.  Great way to hide this . . . Black Friday weekend. 
  • Banks:    Tony:  I was really encouraged in the last couple of hours that the bank people were sitting and waiting for it right up to the moment.  They were given a specific time, sit down, be ready to go, sitting there and didn’t go. Mad as hell as they got excited and didn’t happen.
  • Packages:        

EXCHANGING: Tony:  Still don’t know how we are to get the information.  If site goes dark and you don’t hear anything you know where to go look.  Supposed to be exchange centers for you to go through.   I just heard last week that memo’s went out to the banks, that any exchanges over 5 million have to be approved by senior person.. . Heard exchanging of one 25,000 note will not affect your appointment.  If you have other currencies you can exchange those because they have already been exchanging, just going to change the rate. 


Tony:  That will be our day to do what we said we would do!


PAM: We do appreciate everybody out there cooking and picking up fresh ingredients at the last moment and those who work hard all week and aren’t able to do this prior.  His wife does work and she puts up with him.

Everybody have a great Thanksgiving.   Thank all of our people. Thanks to everyone who helps in the chat room and the forum. You guys are doing amazing things. We appreciate it.   It does take a village. Could not do this all by ourselves.

RAY:  Pam, you can’t handle the truth.  This always happens when we tell the truth on calls.  (laughter all around)

TONY:  Be thankful for Thanksgiving regardless if it happens tomorrow.  Those working tomorrow we appreciate you.  Enjoy your day.  I will enjoy mine.  If we do or don’t do another call, be thankful to all the people, all around the world, all the countries banking systems who jeopardized their careers to keep us involved in this.  For government employees who risked their jobs, here in the US.  Risked they’re careers, family income.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! 

And for keeping your word to keep us involved and make sure we were a part of this.  I want to make sure you were thanked for that effort.

I know it hasn’t been easy for the last five years, last five weeks, last five days when the information has been get ready, get ready only to get nothing.  Some of them are as stressed as we are.  I know the majority of people are doing everything they possibly can to get this done before this weekend.  Hope they get it accomplished.

Enjoy your holiday.  Go about your normal business, normal life.  Let’s not put our lives on hold, be scared to walk out of the house or miss a phone call.

I will post it.  It will be posted in more than one place.  Somebody is going to let you know.  Somebody is going to call you.  We are going to do this together.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday.  I’ll enjoy mine.

Ray:  Happy Thanksgiving everybody.

Pam:  No call Friday.