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Ray’s TNT Showtime CC CLIFF NOTES, Fri, Dec 4, 2015

Bank memo went out to US banks yesterday evening with specific instructions for exchanging.    

Ray: This is an information site.  We share from the various sources that we receive it.  

Roaches move in the dark. Don’t want the light turned on as they don’t want to be discovered.  But the light will be turned on sooner or later.  About Tony, me, Pam, whatever you hear you have to ask yourself, “How does it affect you?”  

At the appropriate time you want to take your foreign currency and exchange it.  That is what you are looking for.  The information we share with you is what we are hearing, what we are being told, what we read.  In the past months, a year back, did it not come to pass?  Not stuff we created.  It was stuff others told us and we shared it.

So, to the roaches, ‘have fun.  Sooner or later the light will be turned on and you will be exposed.’

We have a new site:  TNT Showtime.  To access it go to   Everything will be the same.  We shouldn’t be here too much longer.

INTEL: Iraq sources saying RV has begun and is in the system!  Lower denom’s in the system and being mostly distributed in Kurdistan. 

CURRENT WINDOW:   Bank Memo said, “Federal Reserve, FDIC and UST released the dinar to be exchanged immediately.”

Ray: Green light is on here, there, everywhere. . .If this memo proves to be true and accurate, the word immediately I’ve never taken to be 7 days from now.  

IRAQ: Iraq sources saying RV has begun and is in the system!  Ray:  I am happy with it’s in the system and has begun and then the memo went out.  Hallelujah Day!  That’s where I am!

No recent news on Maliki     


Canada banks are creating databases and Canada is opening up.         

UNITED STATES: Ray feels because of the word “immediately” in the memo, US troop movement into Iraq will have no affect on the RV release.

Banks:  open, receiving customers and openly talking about the currencies and optimistic about exchanging the currencies. 

Gift Tax Questions: Call the IRS and be sure and get the employee identification number who answers your questions.

CAPS & TAXES: Nothing new on either one.   Ray:   Nothing new on caps and nothing official pertaining to the taxes.

Background Checks:  Ray suspects they are looking for connections to terrorism or gangs.     

STERLING: Caller said she recently received 1/4 of her order in the mail.  She did not have a reserve and  there was no explanation. She paid for the order ahead of time and she still cannot reach anyone on the phone.

EXCHANGING: Ray/TNT Showtime will send out a Tweet when the RV goes officially. Ray:  If you believe what you have heard over the last 12 months we are definately not where we were last year.

VEGAS, Vegas, Vegas – Ray: What do you want?  Vegas is an opportunity for resources to get to us. Ever been to an Expo? Walk around and pick up brochures. That’s what Vegas is meant to be.  (A chance for you to learn about financial, assett protection and management information) Don’t focus on the location.


PAM: Wanted to thank you for putting on another hat and stepping up to be here for the TNT Family. Thank everyone, mods, guest mods, transcribers and members who have shown such tremendous love. So, for all  of you to be treated fairly, we will remain.

RAY: Thank you all for being here and hanging out and more importantly learning.  No matter what you read or hear about me Pam, Tony, DC, anybody, always ask this important question, “What doe this have to do with me, with my life?  To those of you who want a friend, I will be your best friend.  For those of you who want an enemy I will be that too.  Just watch. . .

Enjoy your day. Fantabulous Friday. Will we see it?  Don’t know. Anxiously awaiting every hour to hear what is happening next. How exciting will the next hour, weekend, first part of next week be? Only time will tell.  Till then, in the meantime, wish you well. Have a good day.