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Ray’s TNT Showtime CC Cliff Notes, Monday, Dec 7, 2015

Highlights of TNT conference call.

Ray: Hearing in bits and pieces of LD’s in citizens hands …  video over the weekend 122 dinars to $100. Contacts said it was a reality in some areas. Enough compelling information to say it is taking place but not widespread yet. Solid confirmation the RV took place on the 1st. Tariffs coming up on the 15th.  

I received two or three indications … that the TRN’s are active – Tues bank codes will be active … projecting will go global … Sounds pretty exciting!

People getting calls from the banks and loans (car loans) based on the perceived value of the currency. Numerous people have appointments this week and told to bring their currency with them.

Computer being sold for 175 dinar on Craig’s List in Baghdad (indicates significant value change in the dinar).

Ray: I know of no activity (3 letter agency) stopping the process. Iraq believes it. They are experiencing it.

CURRENT WINDOW: Ray:  We don’t know the exact hour.  With all this happening it leads me to believe we are within the week … Any hour, any day, we are in the moment … TRN’s Active. We project that bank codes will be active on Tuesday, then on Wednesday green light for RV activation.  Everyone still on go.  

  • Ray:  One thing, no one has promised it before Christmas.  No promises or guarantees.  It’s reality and on the move.  If it goes to March as outside wall, I’ll see you all then.  
  • Heart of Hearts Question:  Do you think we will have this by Christmas?  Ray:  Based on what’s happened this weekend, do not know the time progression, but very much believe it is in progress. Based on what’s happened this weekend … I have every reason to believe we will see this by Christmas.

IRAQ:  An RI has taken place within Iraq. Ray:  News came from Iraq that the RV has begun … that’s consistent. We hear the RI took place on the 1st but not a ton of confirmation. 

On Craig’s list auto’s being sold for 10K dinar. Computer selling for 175 diner. Does not make sense if the currency hasn’t changed value … Been told that LDs are in some peoples hands … that doesn’t make sense if there hasn’t been value change

  •  A video went viral saying dinar was a 122 for 100 dollars, meaning each dinar is worth about 80 cents.  Ray:  That is true in Iraq. 


  • Canada Exchanging: Remember USA is supposed to have the best rates. Can call a Canada bank and ask about their requirements to exchange there.

UNITED STATES:  Ray is not aware of any three letter agencies stalling or involved in a stoppage of the movement we are now experiencing.  Ray: When a person says “we are in same place as last year”, I say NO!

  • Banks:  Saying they will exchange all 5 currencies.  In the past the banks were not wanting to see people. Ray: Not getting that any more. They are ready. Don’t think it will be March 1st. Don’t think they are excited about three months down the road. Banks saying looking forward to exchange people this week. 


PAM: I’m all set. Thanks everybody. Hope this is our week.

RAY: We hope this is our week. Are you ready? Are you really, really ready?

Your ID? Photo ID’s, not expired. Make sure you have it straightened out.

Those of you who will exchange in personal name and then move into another entity, make sure you have the POD (payable on death) so others can clean out that account without a lot of red tape and interference. This is for single people. Plan who you want to get that money. Have a POD on that account so that stipulated beneficiary would receive those funds without you having to worry it goes into probate.

Inventory your currency. Once it leaves your hands … most of us will confirm it on the spot. As long as they say it’s real and signing off on it, that’s good enough for me.

This is marvelous Monday, the 7th. Not really looking forward to saying “where is it on Wednesday?” Sure looks good for this to be our week.

Thank you for being on the call with us and spending your time. Your humble servant, Rayren98, TNT Superfantastic. This is your good day. Thank you everyone.