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Ray [RayRen98] held his usual unrestricted open mic call for TNT this morning and gave several hints of information / intel and timing during the segment.

1.) He has been talking for some time about holding a wealth retention workshop in St. Thomas POST RV.  This morning on open mic he said if that trip is to be held IMMEDIATELY post RV the accommodations would need to be scheduled on a weekday as weekends are already booked.

2) At the beginning of the call Ray played the “Air Raid Siren” a shrill high loud shrieking noise. He often plays this when he is letting the group know something of importance is in the wind. When asked this morning why he played the siren Ray explained that the  Open Mic segment “Word on the Street” (which is ordinarily broadcast on Mon thru Sat.) has been cancelled for the summers on Saturday only. Ray stressed that last Saturday when WOTS was broadcast that was it’s LAST BROADCAST. The HINT he gave is that it won’t be back at the end of the summer PERIOD. BIG HINT: It won’t be necessary to broadcast it next fall AT ALL!

3) RE: Ray’s Post Below: Ray explained the banks had held a confidential secret meeting. He gave info how/why he knew it was secret that I will not publish.

Anyway, this meeting was with all the banks, those who were in the know about the Dinar and those who were not. He expects they will be giving their branches information but has no idea when so he’s asking for TNT members help. Below is saying he’s expecting the banks have been given a notification to change their policy regarding exchanging the Dinar and telling us the Monday morning call will be delayed.

***  Ray said he has an expectation of the rate moving the first part of next week.

RAY’S TNT POST, Saturday, June 3, 2017

For those who have ALREADY contacted your local bank to question if they exchange foreign currency or if they verify the foreign currency on location, I now need you to help me with another new database that I am assembling.

Once again, on Monday morning after the banks open (and not a moment before that), inquire with your established contact to see if there has been ANY change in policy regarding the Iraqi dinar as a currency to be exchanged.

Then email me your results ONLY if you have any positive new information from your bank inquiry. [email protected]

Hopefully, I can assemble this information before the TNT conference call on Monday afternoon.