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My Sister’s Bank Story

Well here goes. I started to not post this because of its complexity. I know there will be some people that will be harsh towards me as some always do. But, for the ones I love and appreciate, I thought I would post it anyway.

My sister bought several different foreign currencies at her Credit Union and opened up a multi-currency account and put it all in there.  The other day her credit Union manager called her in–said they had something they needed to discuss with her.

Upon arriving the manager informed her that mysteriously a $25000.00 deposit had been made to her account and they were at a loss as to where it came from. They told her they had been searching the account to see if they could find out where it came from–But they had no luck, but it was on the screen in front of her.

While they discussed this matter for quite a while, it disappeared, yep, gone off the screen and gone from her account. They apologized for the inconvenience, said they were completely at a loss, and that if it did come back in her account they would contact her again.

She walked out of the Credit Union with a smile on her face– She said we must be very close now for that to happen.

Well, that’s it. That was a very good indication to me that things are definitely moving forward….   Wolfy