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PART 1 – Ok here goes–1st of all no I didn’t exchange–2nd of all we are closer than we think. Now then, she (WM) wanted to make copies of all my currencies front and back. She also wanted to update my profile and add my copies of currencies to my profile. She said that some people will have to have a background check run on them–all depending on how much their total currency came to. (And NO she didn’t say how much so don’t ask).

PART 2 – She started a background check on me after taking down all my info. All of this took quite a while but who cares about time anyway when it comes to this kind of things. She did however tell me they were no longer buying or selling any foreign currencies. When we were finished with the pre rv info-she got up and unlocked the door to let me out. She then told me she hopes to see me again before this weekend. That she would call me if it happened.