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Two Third of Americans are Broke and Living Paycheck to Paycheck !!

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Two Third of Americans are Broke and Living Paycheck to Paycheck Most Americans are broke and living paycheck to paycheck. Half American Small Businesses are now shut down permanently.

Consumer debt levels are piling up. In America, the Land of the Free, Home of the Broke , Americans are finding it harder to pay the bills. 63% of Americans have been living paycheck to paycheck.

The Middle class went broke to imagine the poor people. This week we learned that there wouldn’t be any more stimulus checks for the American people in a time when a substantial portion of the population is desperate for another round of checks because they are almost entirely out of cash.

In fact, a very alarming survey that was just conducted found that one out of every five Americans could be soon out of money. Nearly one-quarter of U.S. consumers say they have less than three weeks of the financial runway before they run out of cash, according to a weekly survey on Americans’ finances by consumer finance company Credit Karma.

1 in every 5 Americans could be out of money soon. America is Broke and Bankrupt — We Are at The Keynesian End Game.

We are now headed for the Greatest Depression Ever! America is also in debt up to its eyebrows, which certainly doesn’t help. The end result is central bankers created the BIGGEST, most egregious bubble in financial history. A $250 TRILLION debt bomb… with another $500+ trillion in derivatives trading based on its yields.

To put this into perspective, the Tech Bubble was about $15 trillion in size. The Housing Bubble, which triggered the 2008 Crisis, was about $30 trillion in size. The bond bubble is over $250 TRILLION in size. Some $50 trillion of this is in sovereign debt, with the rest coming from corporate debt, mortgages, auto loans, credit cards, and the like.

The $2.5 trillion stimulus money is only going to go to the Gangsters, The Bankers, Just like last time. The Bankers are laughing because they already stole tens of trillions post 2008 with all the politicians on top of the trillions they stole pre 2008.

Tens of trillions are hidden in offshore Cayman accounts.

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