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The Truth about The New Stimulus Package – Millions for Foreign Nations, Crumbs for the Americans

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The Truth about The New Stimulus Package – Millions for Foreign Nations, Crumbs for the Americans

New $600 Stimulus Check on our way to Hyperinflation Inflation, hyperinflation, financial collapse, societal collapse, and world war 3. The only unknown is the timeline.

The system is broken, as we keep on piling debt on future generations. They don’t realize this is going to go on for 20 years, and it’s going to be a nightmare in a few years. The whole system has gone rogue. The whole economy is being stage-managed. Enlightening and becoming more obvious every day.

The government continues to ignore the needs of our citizens in this time of crisis. They are stimulating everybody. Just not you and me.

Congress finally pulled together a stimulus deal. Both houses of Congress passed the $900 billion measure. It ranks as the second-largest stimulus bill in history, only behind the CARES Act passed earlier this year. Eisenhower called Democrats The Spenders. This bill is only the beginning.

The headline provisions include $600 stimulus checks to individuals earning under $75,000 per year, a $300 per week unemployment supplement, more money for Paycheck Protection Program loans, and funding for the vaccine distribution to the tune of over $8 billion. The bill extends the federal eviction moratorium through January 31 and sets aside $25 billion in rental assistance.

Too little too late; we are back on the highway to hell.

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