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Top 4 Reasons why Tents Cities are Popping up All Over America & Millions of Americans retire Poor

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Over 50 million Americans are unemployed, and the US economy is in free fall. There is a slow-motion disaster unfolding in many large U.S. cities as homeless numbers, already growing in recent years, spike during the global pandemic.

Before the pandemic, people were already living paycheck to paycheck, and now they lost their job. I think it’s going to be an even a bigger problem soon. It’s so easy to lose your job and end up on the street.

Most people are going to become homeless soon because of automation and AI, and robotics are going to replace the human labor force, and all of our economic systems are built off of the human labor force.

The homelessness issue is getting worse and spreading. San Francisco for example has become plagued by homelessness, addiction, and property crime.

The tents have completely taken over sidewalks. It’s a complete breakdown.It’s horrific. Many businesses are having a hard time and losing customers because they are not allowed to do anything about homeless people being in front of their businesses.

Thousands chronically homeless individuals migrate to San Francisco every year because the city’s became a sanctuary for public camping,drug use and property crime.

Have you ever heard of gentrification,  San Francisco was its prototype, and New York City was its copycat.

When rent in the slums is unaffordable without a hoard of roommates pitching in on your $2000 studio apartment rent is acceptable, that creates HOMELESSNESS. And the homeless creates despair. And despair creates deaths of despair ( alcoholism, heroin abuse, mental illness due to stress and pathological confusion, and deviant behavior due to constant public humiliation that quickly erodes any minute sense of shame one still grips onto).

San Francisco has a burgeoning homeless problem because NOBODY CAN AFFORD TO EVEN RENT THERE. It’s the most expensive city in the USA. Why? Because rich plutocrats drive up prices to the highest bidder.

There’s an exodus now from the overpriced large cities in California to other areas. They sell their little shitty one-bedroom house for $600k, and they now realize that makes you able to out purchase any normal person outside California for a McMansion with a few acres to boot.