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2021: The Year the Markets Run Out of Puff and Inflation Blows up

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Thank goodness 2020 is over. Can you remember a year more life-changing than 2020?

Well, 2021 will blow you away. 2020 will be remembered as the start of the depression decade.

Billionaires became wealthier as a result of the global crisis. Meanwhile, small businesses and the middle class got destroyed as part of the Great reset.

New All-Time Record Fraud. $600, house arrests, and a Global pandemic for the tax-slaves and record bonuses for Wall Street degenerates yet again. Makes sense. As long as there are bets, the Casino will remain open.

The top 1% of Americans got richer, and more than 60 new billionaires were created during the stock market melt-up of 2020. 2020 proved with absolutely no doubt that these are not markets. They are 100% central bank Ponzi schemes. A sick joke abomination.

Central bankers have destroyed everything and belong in a noose.

A comical year for comical US markets. And despite major manipulation going on in the Gold and Silver market, Gold outperformed the markets in 2020.

Gold price from 1 Jan to 31 Dec 2020: A 24.7% return . 15-year average: A 10.8% return .Beats a whole lot of things you could have invested in, including US Treasuries, with no counterparty risk at all. S&P500 on 1 Jan 2020 : 3237. S&P500 on 31 Dec 2020 : 3756. Just under 16% return for 2020.

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