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Prepare for the 2021 Housing Market Crash and Economic Collapse

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Prepare for the 2021 Housing Market Crash and Economic Collapse Bubbles, houses, stocks, bitcoins are revealing strong inflation. Too much money in circulation! We are in a world of hurt!

The stock market and housing market are in incredible bubbles, and when they pop, it will be fugly!

The value of every dollar in your wallet dropped by 7% last year alone because the Federal Reserve printed over three trillion dollars worth of money unsupported by GDP.

Let’s throw more money at a problem and wonder why our dollar buys less and less as a result of too much cash on a stagnant economy. The dollar is down 7% for the year. That comes directly out of your wallet. Jeff Bezos thanks you for your contribution.

The Federal Reserve Board is draining your wallet at the rate of 7% a year in order to bail out businesses that have no reason to exist. The only reason Amazon exists is because they do not pay for the environmental damage they cause.

Buying a product from China because it’s one penny less than the same product you can buy across the street is only possible because the price of fuel does not incorporate the cost of climate change. Jeff Bezos has shutdown governors to thank for his trillions.

The 1% will concentrate more wealth as more people in the middle class will continue to slip into poverty. This was obvious nine months ago. When the Governors strangled private businesses (versus large corporations that were largely left alone because of their tax dollars being needed by the government), the threat to homeownership should have been on everyone’s mind.

Stay safe evidently means you lose your home. Then what do they do? The wealth transfer from the middle class to the politically connected will accelerate. Mom and Pop were shutdowns. They weren’t big enough to be able to afford lobbyists. Trillions more in dollars created by government decree. Just what we need!

The government always needs to take action to fix the problems it creates. It makes things worse, making for further calls to take action. Rinse,and repeat. Local banks and my congressman’s office insist that there are no funds for landlords. This housing bubble bust will be much worse than in 2010 because prices and debt loads are much higher.

It might be a good time to short banks. Oops, scratch that thought because the Treasury Department will just print more fiat currency, continuing to devalue the dollar.

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