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2021 The Year The Chickens Come Home To Roost, Deficit, Debt & The Stock Market !!

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The next Great Depression is already here and now, no more waiting. Cue the stats – Unemployment, Zero Growth, Negative real rates, Bankruptcies, and Business Failures.

The economy is rife with uncertainty. The stock market is just a game for the rich to enrich themselves further. We are in a low-interest high debt vortex created by the swirling ineptitude of progressive politics.

The consequences of debt slavery. Borrow money to pay the interest on the money you borrowed to pay the interest. More debt, more bubbles, ah, but don’t worry; we may not be around when that is all due again! The DEBT kills growth. It’s that simple.

The snake eats its’ tail. It is past its’ intestines. Once it is at its’ stomach, well, the undigested bonds are the definition of hyperinflation, the great reset. All on track for Total Slavery.

We print money out of the air, and it’s our great-grandchildren who have the debt to pay. They better be hard works or face a whip. And as the dollar continues to decline, imports will continue to get more expensive, sending the trade deficit into new record-high territory.

The United States’ trade deficit surged to its highest level in more than 14 years in November as businesses boosted imports to replenish inventories, offsetting a rise in exports.

The Commerce Department said on Thursday the trade gap widened 8.0% to $68.1 billion in November, the highest level since August 2006. The stock market is NOT the economy!

The Fed just prints money, bails out companies then the companies just buy back their stocks. This is a fraud that CAN’T last forever.

Unless the Fed can print Gold, which is not going to happen; the whole thing will explode soon; I mean really how high can the Deficit go??? We have already added nearly 4 TRILLION since 2017.

The markets are a bet on the economic future. When the Fed manufactures currency, it decreases the price of credit and inflates the price of stocks. Like during the government created the 2008 recession, the Fed is manufacturing trillions of dollars during this government-created recession to create at least the illusion of economic growth.

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