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2021 Economic Outlook : Inflation, Bitcoin $50k,Debt and Higher Taxes on The Road to Venezuela 2.0


America’s demise is Wall Streets’ success.

They are about to take America much deeper into debt slavery. They are on a deliberate mission to sell America out to the banks.

Manufactures and corporations will hurt very badly in the coming months. Maybe they are glad they’ll now be able to relocate factories in countries with cheaper labor costs. Those living paycheck to paycheck have no power. We are getting wiped out; homeless populations are exploding.

The cost of food will starve many. Everyone can keep arguing about money promised. Whatever amount is given, you will be taxed on it. Giving $2,000 to everyone. Increased taxes will be $7,000 more tax on everyone that pays a tax.

They don’t care about the American people. They are going to tax us to pay our debt. The plan is to bankrupt the country; that way, people will have to be dependent on the government for survival.

What we really need is to reopen the country; small businesses, churches, schools, restaurants, EVERYTHING! Let us go back to work and let us pursue our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

That bill devalues our dollar. We start at $600, and we have to pay $7,000 back for it in taxes. Money does not just come out of thin air or grows on trees. The dollar is crashing. America has fallen.

People are going to be left with green paper that doesn’t mean very much! But they keep people thinking everything is going to rainbows and sunshine. They don’t give a rip about us the people.

They will bankrupt the country. They will send trillions to other countries and have kickbacks coming into their bank accounts.