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Is America Becoming a Banana Republic? With Raging Inflation ,Dollar Crashing and Economic Chaos

The Atlantis Report:  Jan 16, 2021

The US luck seems to be running out. Crumbling infrastructure, mass homelessness, unaffordable health insurance, massive personal debt, very little disposable income, and real estate/stock bubble.

Twenty years after 911 the trends are clear. The US power declined slowly, but in the last four years, the ratio divided, and it is accelerating. We really don’t know what is going to happen in the next four years. The outlook doesn’t look good.

With millions of struggling Americans trying to pay their rent, put food on the table, or pay any other number of bills.Too many zombie companies dependent on the next stimulus bill to even keep the lights on.

As tremors continue to be felt across America, and in particular Washington DC, as it emerged that the storming of Congress appeared to have been planned for weeks. We have seen these events in many countries around the world – most recently in Hong Kong and Ukraine, cheered on by the United States – so how will the US administration deal with insurrection on their own soil?

With security ramped up for the presidential inauguration next week and with Trump facing a second impeachment. The Frankenstein financial/economic system they have created works fine – until it doesn’t and completely collapses overnight.

Since the repeal of Glass-Steagall in 1999, this country has exemplified the fraudulent image of being a free nation with equal opportunity. Instead, it has practiced cronyism, nepotism, and outright fraud in its true practice of “it’s who you know – not what you know” if anyone wants to promote their business by getting government contracts.

And you will not get any contract unless you pay through the back door to an offshore account to the individual responsible for awarding you the contract.

A real and true third world approach to doing business in the good ole USA. The US government did not care that the corporations, followed by almost every small business that could, deliberately betrayed and abandoned the American workers and left us with McJobs and part-time work only.

Anyone that cannot understand the damage that greedy corporations and politicians have done to the workers who built these corporations in the first place are part of the pathetic reasons workers are in the mess we are facing in 2021.

America’s unyielding stupidity and arrogance have resulted in an irreversible slow death to America and our loyal lapdog countries!

While China has passed us way too far to catch up with, we have given up the fight to make it to the end because the crooks and the enemies from within are planting hurdles in our ways. So the end of America has arrived.