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Warren Buffett Warns the Bubble Will End in a Huge Market Crash in February & March 2021

The Atlantis Report: Feb 1, 2021

Warren Buffett Warns the Bubble Will End in a Huge Market Crash in February and March 2021 The Capitalist model running the free world is now gone tilt.It is done; toast. It all seems so fake.

Nothing that we used to believe in is not faked or heavily manipulated or full of massive fraud. We are not practicing capitalist philosophy; we are practicing a gamed system of elites on how to print money unfairly.

The Fed has been blowing bubbles since 1971;diluting the hard-earned dollars we all work for. Forty percent of all dollars in existence were printed during the last 12 months alone.

And because the Bulk of the Money gets put in Asset Bubbles; Yes, the overall inflation continues to rise, but certain industries, because of subsidization and regulation, get it worse, like Housing, Healthcare, Education, and Wall Street. Most of them are in Apple, Amazon, Tesla stocks, and some in cryptocurrencies.

Most of those FED notes are spread around the world as mostly the world’s currency. But, since other countries are noticing the U.S. debt and low-interest return now. Much of those FED notes that the U.S. uses as currency might be about to come home like a red tide !!!

The money printers and regulation engineers in DC cannot defy the laws of economics indefinitely. It’s not as if they are extremely intelligent, creative, productive, or resourceful. Those types don’t end up in DC; that’s the last place they’d go.

control through power, but power can’t change the math. It can’t change human behavior. It always fails; history is proof.