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The Inflation Genie is Out Of The Bottle FOOD PRICES TO SOAR HIGHER !!

Feb 3, 2021

When the Fed says inflation is up a little, they mean a lot. But they don’t need to say it. We already see it in our weekly retail shopping. Grocery prices are currently outrageous.

But according to the FED and the BLS, There is no inflation. And over the years, they have learned to tell that blatant lie with a straight face.

According to the FED, there is no such thing as food inflation! Any food inflation we see is imaginary! They removed housing, education services, medical services from inflation CPI; so basically, Samsung made in China is their main measure.

The inflation is in assets, stocks, food, housing, bitcoin, farmland, etc… Inflation for the poor is proportionally higher

All of the new money created went to the 1%, who don’t drive the economy through spending. For the past four decades, the middle class has not gained financially despite rises in productivity. Inflation is insulated to the housing market as of now – because the 1% bought up a lot of cheap real estate for buy-to-lets, while every day, people still needed housing and were forced to accept massive inflation in housing.

The Americans should take this very seriously. The official inflation numbers are false. Real price inflation is running way higher at around 10% and has been there for many years now.

Just take a look at the Chapwood Index or ShadowStats. These numbers of roughly 10% real price inflation are soon about to skyrocket as the Dollar loses its value rapidly.

What we are witnessing is a catastrophe on a gigantic scale, which may lead to the breakup of the United States as we know it today. The mismanagement and criminal financial policy of the US on both monetary and fiscal matters will be fully exposed soon.

When the dollar loses its reserve currency status, Pax Americana is over. Inflation is very real.

Lumber is at an all-time high. Housing is at an all-time high. Markets are at an all-time high. Bitcoin is at an all-time high. Trading cards are at an all-time high. Inflation is soaring all around us, and few are noticing.

The frog is boiling; Except for gold and silver. A nation full of poverty-stricken beggars is much easier to control. Biden’s fix is to raise the minimum wage and give out free money, which only drives prices higher.

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