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Time to Short Sell The Stock Market, The Big Crash is Looming !!

Feb 4, 2021

Wall Street is like a casino now Bringing Down the House. The S&P 500 is running out of steam; as the big crash is coming. The speculative bubble getting even bigger setting up for a nice crash.

The start of the Ponzi fall; starting with big money. The greatest financial fraud in history, as America continues to be financially defiled in broad daylight.

What we have now is the biggest stock market bubble in history, thanks to free money. A dangerous brew of 0 % interest rates, Trillions of Dollars in government stimulus, and the QE king – Jerome Powell at the Fed.

The rich got much richer, and the average Joes and Judy’s found out they are not in the 1 % Club. When Wall Street does it, it’s just business. When somebody who isn’t part of the club gets in on it, suddenly it’s problematic and needs to be stopped.

And now they’re manipulating it to save incompetent fund managers from going broke thanks to their insane gambling. The hedge funds have been manipulating the market with their shorts for years; when the little guy fights back, they get the brokerages to shut them down. What an utter crock!

Proof once again that the game is rigged and the people who are in on it can change the rules whenever someone gets an edge on them.

The last Wall Street big name to go to prison was Bernie Madoff. And that was 11 years ago. Does anyone take the SEC seriously? A Massive hedge fund made a risky play with other people’s money and told the world in an SEC filing. It was about calling a bluff.

This was pure poker capitalizing on another player’s tell. Wall Street getting a taste of their own medicine. Before they investigate the Main Street, they need to first investigate how the hell GME was shorted 120% of the float. Naked shorting should be illegal. Wall Street is just mad they got played at their own game in their own playing field!

Stock buybacks by corporations, short selling, and tax havens to shield the wealthy from paying taxes should be banned immediately.

These practices are destroying the real economy and causing massive income inequality.

These retail investor revolutionaries are illustrating the extent to which stock markets can be and, in many cases, are manipulated.

The villains in this story seem to be those who think the markets are their own playground and that everybody else should play by their rules or stay away.

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