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The Fed’s Debt Inflation Turning The US into Zimbabwe on Steroids

Feb 20, 2021

The Fed’s Debt Inflation Turning The US into Zimbabwe on Steroids. Global lock-downs cause global malady. The Rich get bailouts.

The poor get handouts. Inflation, hyperinflation and then stagflation with massive debt . The rest of us get to kick in for that and get a kick in the head as Thanks.

And yet, the poor keep voting for it. Shall we play a game? How about global nuclear debt inflation. The value of your portfolio will double, but prices for everything will quadruple.

Are you prepared for your life savings to be cut in half over the next five years! Shutting down the economy to create a dependent class is the perfect way for politicians to enrich themselves. The peasants will be clueless about it all.

The FED will eventually have a choice to make- allow inflation to crush the economy or hike rates and crash the economy that way. 50% of zero is still zero. After 2009, when the financial fraud first became blatantly obvious, many predicted that Fed kicking the can could only get us 3-4 more years before another collapse.

With modern digital technologies, we can double the currency every year for perhaps another twenty years until there is a 64-bit integer crisis. If we then switch to 128-bit representation for currencies, we can go on another 80 years or so. America isn’t crumbling. It is deliberately dismantled.

With a counterfeit currency, it’s an algorithmic certainty. The Collapse of Texas is foreshadowing the total collapse of America, by debt or by the sword. Debt could be even higher than projected.

If policymakers enact $2 trillion of additional fiscal relief, extend expiring tax provisions, and grow annual appropriations with GDP.The debt would total 120 percent of GDP by 2031.