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More Stimulus until America is Bankrupt and Drowning in Debt and The Dollar’s Crash

Feb 21, 2021

1.9 trillion in stimulus, 150 billion dollars Iran deal, 110 trillion dollar Green Deal, 15 dollars an hour minimum wage.

ONLY two months in office and spending the country into third-world status.

Another 861,000 Americans filed for unemployment benefits last week. We expect global government debt to increase by another $10 trillion this year and surpass $92 trillion.

Political and social pressure could limit governments’ efforts to reduce deficits and debt, jeopardizing their ability to cope with future crises. This could also constrain policy responses to mitigate the adverse impacts of climate change and natural capital loss.

They are bankrupting our country, and the taxpayer is going to have to pay for it.

Wasteful spending and bailing out poorly run states. The poor are in debt to the rich. The people, via their bought-out governments, owe the international banks. Banks that were about to collapse.

We the serfs, have to pay their financial oligarchies. Assuming the 3% interest rate, that comes to roughly 8.4 Trillion a year being diverted from the real economy to our financial oligarchies.

That’s our pensions, healthcare, infrastructure, and fundamentally, our citizenship. The future of America is Argentina; the future of the EU is Greece and Latvia. The debt cannot be paid. That’s not the intent. The goal is endless debt peonage and serfdom for the masses.

In other words, fiat currency has nearly reached the end of its use. The Goal is the digital dollar. All part of the plan, the elites hate cash because it is anonymous. What they really like is digital assets as they are fully traceable, and that includes Bitcoin, the “asset” that its proponents think is anti-authoritarian and a threat to the dollar.

One of the first things Bill Gates wants to change is that you can not be anonymous anymore on the internet. It’s not natural, according to Gates. It all comes together; we should be afraid of the future and the way governments, and the elite thinks and acts. To anyone who is not aware of the dangers of a cashless society to the freedoms we expect, I would urge you to do some research.

The withdrawal of cash will be the final “nail on the coffin” of any privacy you once had and will provide The Power That Be the ultimate control mechanism. In the meantime, surveys have shown that the average person uses credit cards 75% of the time and cash 25%.

If most people would make an effort to reverse those numbers, we could make it very difficult for then technocrats to remove cash.