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Airline Stocks in Mega Bubble,Gas Prices,Markets,Inflation,Taxes,Debt All Up — The Fed is Trapped

The Atlantis Report:  Feb 25, 2021

Airline Stocks in Mega Bubble, Gas Prices ,Markets, Inflation,Taxes,Debt, All Up — The Fed Cannot keep this Ponzi afloat Any Longer.

Markets will continue to skyrocket year after year after year as long as we continue to increase the national debt year after year after year (tripling it every ten years). What could go wrong????

Hyperinflation! We can´t have everything at the same time, stimulus, no inflation, and the stock market going up all the time.

Oil is up almost 20%. BANKRUPT Airline Stocks are in the MEGA BUBBLE! 40% of Air travel business has been lost forever.

Airlines are trading at record high absurd valuations, despite record corporate loss, record stock dilutions, record-high debt levels. These stocks will COLLAPSE by 85-90% soon.

Market manipulation. What goes up fast will dive like a stone. I don’t think anyone has a grasp on what will happen when the cost of servicing the national debt increases 10-20 fold.

Apocalypse will be in full bloom by 3% alone. America is already bankrupt. The lie of solvency will continue as long as the public believes it.

Then there will be panic and a run on the banks. In the meantime, stocks keep going up; until they don’t.