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The US market is now 228% to GDP, Will the Stock Market CRASH?

Mar 2, 2021

The US market is now 228% to GDP , Will The Stock Market CRASH Under Biden

The Market has been in trouble since 2008. Quantitative easing offset the last recession, and no one has done anything to change that.

The market has been overpriced before the pandemic, and it’s out of control now. There is a disconnect between Wall Street and Main Street. The market hasn’t made sense for me for the past few years, yet I expect my 401k to be about 70% of the current value in a couple of years after the market correction(s).

For those of us who understand the structure of the market and all the inter-workings behind the curtain, the ongoing manipulation of this market is now beyond reproach and blatantly obvious.

The market today is the exact same as when I watched the mortgage crisis unfold for a couple of years prior to the inevitable destruction – those of us who understood what was going on saw it coming and were waving the flags, but to no avail.

Wallstreet and all those lining their pockets, including politicians, turned the usual blind eye…then put the guardrail up after we went off the cliff, acting as though they were all saints out to rescue and protect Main St.

I suspect it will be the same movie again. Historically people had the option to invest in bonds or park money in CDs that actually paid interest.

Due to Fed intervention, stocks are the only game in town. Real estate is even more overvalued.