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Bond Market Crash — The US on The Verge of Complete Economic Collapse !!

Mar 5, 2021

Bond Market Crash — The US on The Verge of Complete Economic Collapse Food prices skyrocketing. Border influx of illegals at 50% higher levels. Gas prices higher by 50 Cents – 70 Cents / gallon.

Freedom (no lockdowns) being bemoaned by DC. Interest rate up by 90 basis points, snuffing out housing rebound. No job growth. Higher taxes. People fleeing big cities.

Crime rate higher ,and murder rates souring. Unemployment (U6) is 25%.

There are few consumers left to buy anything. Only the upper 10% who are bankers or heavily in the stock market made money, and they don’t buy much everyday stuff.

Foreigners selling bonds. To be specific, the people selling bonds are the foreign governments outside of the US who no longer want to hold dollars and the US treasury who needs the money to finance its massive deficits.

The only problem is there are no buyers cause the paper is worthless. So the fed is the only option. Massive QE on the way. No secondary market buyers. No buyers,just sellers.

No one is buying; that’s why yields are going up. Only the Fed is buying. The world knows we can not pay back $30 trillion without diluting the currency. We are Mozambique. The almighty Fed is no longer in control of rates. It has been a slow process, but the reality is taking control.

Wait till this hits 2+. The market crash will come swifter than anything anyone has seen before. The Fed will QE the currency into worthlessness because the alternative is raising rates, and they can’t do that. And this $1.9T so-called “stimulus” is just the beginning because Biden’s owners will instruct him to spend us into oblivion, and he’ll do it.

If 1.9 trillion is no problem, where is the limit. Why not 10 (or 50) trillion. That would make everybody happy. The Fed has gotten away with their scam even longer than I anticipated, but the spending that’s coming will dwarf all previous presidents combined.