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Massive Oil & Stock Bubbles to Collapse – Interest Rates,Housing,Food, Energy,INFLATION Skyrocketing

Mar 6, 2021

While the government is shutting down businesses and disrupting supply lines,more currency meets less supply. Every week 750000 new unemployment claims. Yields spike and that leads to more easing. And then more easing leads to higher yields. And so on, and so on.

Easing equals Inflation. Inflation equals rate spiking. Since 2008 the Federal Reserve has turned the financial markets into a game of Monopoly.

The $500 bills are now unlimited, so the game just keeps getting bigger. People don’t understand what is really going on, so they continue to ride the wave of fake dollars to the top of the wave.

Problem is the wave does not keep its momentum forever. We saw what happens when the Fed raises over 0%, and that is the true state of our economy. We are bankrupt and have been for quite some time.

Federal Reserve notes are nothing more than worthless pieces of paper now. Your faith in them is the only thing that gives them value.

The Market is in a MEGA BUBBLE! When the US Stock Prices got PUMPED by 400 to 500% since March 2020 in no time and for no reason. The prices of everything are in a Massive BUBBLE!

INFLATION is SKYROCKETING! Food prices, gasoline prices are going up parabolically! And now we have a MASSIVE OIL PRICE BUBBLE! Oil prices PUMPED by 170% since the Election!

Now we have a Massive OIL PRICE BUBBLE and Skyrocketing Inflation! FINANCIAL CRISIS is imminent if the FED Does not hike the rates!

The stock prices should fall by 70-80% From current levels because current VALUATIONS are ABSURD and ASTRONOMICAL!

Dow Jones Industrial FRAUD went from 15K to 30K in no time FOR NO REASON! Nasdaq Composite must Fall below 6000 to reach reasonable valuations! There is a HUGE ROOM TO FALL!

The Market is INSANELY OVERVALUED and OVERBOUGHT! Companies that have no revenue, no business are trading at $50 Billion Market Values in the US Stock Market! P/E ratios above 15 used to be considered expensive, but today it is hard to find a P/E ratio below 50!

This will be an epic collapse, not a correction.

How long this Massive Stock BUBBLE will last! Who keeps buying the US Stocks in this MEGA BUBBLE at these ABSURD Valuations???