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The Fed is Squeezing the Middle Class with Perpetual Inflation

The Fed is Squeezing the Middle Class with Perpetual Inflation

The bankers are now the bank robbers. All the money at the top, little to the bottom. America is run by economic vandals and financial fraudsters.

American law is in the hands of Bank robbers; they are not accountable to anyone. The Banks do not even print money. It is all digital money backed by nothing and printed on nothing. It is all one big scam.

They are addicts, and addicts will do anything to keep their high going. They are gamblers. They want to keep their casino running. The Bankers will keep injecting more monetary methadone to keep them alive and moving. But they are really dead .,

They come up with different scams to keep this thing going. The FED must lie about real inflation. If they admit that real inflation is over 10 percent, then it takes ten years to inflate away half of your wealth. People who think they are going to retire are going to have a severe wake-up call.

The real inflation of all the money created after 2008 is just now coming home to roost, and that isn’t even counting all the offshore dollars from the petrodollar.

As other countries use other currencies, those dollars will go home as well. Inflation in the next 20 years will be crushing. Learn to grow a garden. A big garden. And buy some silver and gold. Anything that will maintain its value.

The storm is in the mail. We are living in a system of the banks, by the banks and for the banks.