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New Stimulus Bill to Cause Inflation, Banks Collapse & Bank Runs

25% of the currency was created last year. The government-sponsored inflation numbers are fake. The national debt is unpayable. The petrodollar is going belly up. The petrodollar collapsing is going to be the kick-off event in addition to putting fuel on the inflation fire.

Biden attacking Saudi Arabia recently is nuts and effectively guarantees the end of the petrodollar.

Fed Ponzi meets Real Finite World. The FED has essentially turned into an evil entity that is destroying the lives of the bottom 75% of society.

The staggering debt they are creating, which only increases the inflation and destroys the dollar even more! It’s a debt house of cards! We’d be in a very severe recession if we “only” print 20 trillion in the next 12 years.

Current living standards have been maintained by doubling the debt about every 8-9 years. So we need about 30 trillion in the next eight years just to stay about where we are in terms of living standards.

Twenty trillion in 12 years ain’t gonna cut it. When a country doesn’t make anything anymore ….except more currency, the end game is dire. $20 Trillion in the last 12 years, and probably four more the next year…..when for the first 215 years of the country, we only racked up $9 Trillion.

This Fed has been out of control since 2009. Same with ECB and BOJ.

Everyone knows that our system is collapsing.

So people are trying to get what they can out before it does, and new laws and rules and stuff are made. We all know that with all these covid bills, it will continue. They have been printing money and the world, and the system knows it.

We will be in a massive depression that will have stagflation in it; hyper stagflation. Banks are paid to sop up QE cash from the asset markets and ‘destroy it’ by depositing it in bank reserves at the Fed. They are paid IOER in perpetuity for this work.

This is why QE creates inflation slowly in the real world but sends asset prices soaring. Stimulus (UBI) is QE for the masses, and banks can’t sop up the cash fast enough. Too much cash chases too few things to spend it on.

This is why the stimulus is inflationary in the real world and traditional QE is less so. (Wait for MMT later this year and the programs used to require it.

To the moon, followed by infinity and beyond, then Venezuela Life in the US.)

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