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Biggest Tax Hikes in 30 Years. Welfare instead of Work. Debt instead of Wealth!!

Our economy is in shambles. Rising inflation. Rising bond yields. Our geriatric leader has already racked up as much debt in two months as Trump did in his first two years!

Millions in food lines and massive unemployment. Welfare instead of work. Debt instead of wealth. Slavery instead of liberty. It’s the Democrat way!

You voted for the economy of 2009-2016. You’re gonna get it! Growth was so slow it was like watching paint dry. Six years just to recover all the jobs lost during the Great Recession, Raising corporate taxes will be GREAT for stocks! 100% guaranteed!!

How many companies will move out of the USA? Arizona border agents report illegal immigration this year has already surpassed all of 2018 and is on track to surpass 2018, 2019, and 2020 combined.

Markets ignore the biggest tax hikes in 30 years coming. Companies pay taxes from earnings, and nobody plans to have earnings anymore, so why bother? Just buy more of your own stock on cheap credit, and dilute from time to time by selling to robinhooders getting checks. That is all every big company needs to do.

The Dow is one massive, massive bubble. Just another debt-fueled stock market all-time high.

Markets go up almost every single day, no matter what the news. Higher and higher and higher as the debt accumulated to fuel the markets goes higher and higher and higher.

Why can’t this go on forever and make every single American a millionaire many times over?

What could possibly go wrong?

It will all end with World War 3 to reset everything for the new beginning.