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$3T Infrastructure Bill Spending Spree – Double Digit Inflation,Unemployment & Interest Rates Coming

April 3, 2021

$3T Infrastructure Bill Spending Spree — Double Digit Inflation,Unemployment, and Interest Rates Coming The FED is printing like there is no tomorrow ,because for them there is no tomorrow.

Who cares about the long-term viability of the country !. Spend as fast as you can ,is how the government is running things. They are using the next cycles stimulus to pay for the interest in the last few stimuli. We’ll still pay for it because they’ll just divvy it out to special interests now.

Additional debt will prolong the bleed. This show is coming to its ugly end.

Over the past 13 months of this miracle money-printing show, the Fed has added $3.5 trillion in assets to its balance sheet. Bringing its total assets to a record of $7.69 trillion.

And just when you think it couldn’t get worse. Together with the $1.9 trillion COVID packages just passed by Congress last month. The White House unveiled a $2.25 trillion infrastructure package. And there is a 10 trillion dollar Green New Deal being put together in congress right behind the 3 trillion infrastructure package.

$650 billion to rebuild US infrastructure. $400 billion to care for the elderly and disabled. $300 billion for housing infrastructure. $300 billion to revive US manufacturing.

Without highways, there will be NO deliveries. No food, No spare parts. No booze. No meds. No heating oil. Get it NOW while you can ;because tomorrow you can’t.

It can definitely get worse. Next up is 50% income tax rates. We’re the new kulaks, and our property will be confiscated through taxes and currency debasement. An alternate crypto-based economy will develop in response. Be prepared. I’m amazed at how we can throw trillions of dollars around and say it’s not enough.

Simple. Fire up the printing presses and warm up the helicopters. Stagflation here we come!

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