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Stocks More Overvalued Than Tulip Mania Bubble! The March 2020 Lows will be Re-Tested

$6 trillion printed out of thin air. Millions of Americans out of work. 9.5 million jobs have been officially vaporized AND never coming back! The US economy continues to languish, burdened by government lockdowns and other pandemic-related factors.

They just borrowed about $2 trillion in 100 days of a new administration to keep the credit card monthlies paid, and another $2 trillion is about to be borrowed again.

Retail sales have dropped precipitously over the last several months, underscoring the economic malaise. Yet the stocks are going up and up. The market will be celebrating one year anniversary from the March bottom last year!

Stocks are in the Largest Bubble in history. They are raising Corporate Tax Rate to 28%. But the stock prices have absolutely nothing to do with a company’s profitability, let alone the ability to pay their taxes!!!

The Fed is willing to destroy the economy just to maintain the financial businesses. Way overvalued. Soon/overnight, the Fed is going to become the enemy of the stock market.

Oil is up over 70% in the last year. Transportation costs are up. Euro is up; loan costs up. The most recent CPI data (February) shows that CPI is already increasing at an annualized inflation rate of 5% per year. This is already beyond the Fed’s target. Debt is huge.

Get ready for tax increases, inability to makes repayments of debt, a massive increase in Fed Funds rate. March numbers will likely show CPI is already at 6% inflation/yr. After being the stoker for years, Fed will overnight become the enemy of the stock market!

Markets will come down from these all-time highs and drop to less than half of current overvaluations. S&P500 to 1900. The goal of the Fed is to slow/control inflation. They will have to raise rates to slow the economy.

The Fed has been the greatest cheerleader of the market over the past two years. They would need to reverse course and would then become the stock market’s biggest enemy. This would crash growth stocks hugely. The indicators like S&P or DOW are now immaterial.

For a long, I have been noticing unusual patter of buying in stocks, and that is because of one reason. Stock can only go up mentality initiated by FED via laws and systems are not free-floating systems but are harnessed to several federal manipulations.

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