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Stocks in Biggest Bubble in History — America gone Zimbabwe Style !!

Stocks in Biggest Bubble in History — America gone Zimbabwe Style !!

They are telling us we are on the road to economic recovery. The $1.9 trillion stimulus is all we need to get us over the hump. But the truth is, Americans started spending like they were over the hump months ago. In fact, American consumers high on stimulus have been on a spending spree since last summer.

The Federal Reserve printed money. Uncle Sam handed it out. American consumers spent it on imported goods. This isn’t the formula for a genuine economy. It’s the formula for a giant bubble.

More money was printed during the last year than during the whole history of the united states of America.

Will America ever survive this horror of a financial collapse and find our way back to sanity, or will we descend into a dictatorship/police state with the heavy hand of corporate control. Is it a done deal?

The money printing only leads to empowerment for the 1% and massive inflation for the rest. The people who created our current system don’t do anything by accident. How long the gangster banks and our bought-off governments have been able to keep whole economies from coming unglued.

The machinations, tricks, and deceptions the money changers are inventing to prolong their Ponzi scheme won’t last much longer.

There appears to be no end to their subterfuge. If you are at all paying attention, please prepare. The writing on the wall doesn’t get any more clear!

How severe this will be. Who knows. But I think it is better to be prepared than have the opposite occur.

All the money printing, QE, central bank intervention has completely obliterated price discovery and also liquidity.

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