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Will it Be Inflation, Deflation, Stagflation, or Hyperinflation?

Will it Be Inflation, Deflation, Stagflation, or Hyperinflation ?

Today, most Americans are broke and living paycheck to paycheck. The unemployment rate is still high. Millions of other Americans are just trying to find some way to survive month after month.

The continued rise in unemployment and homelessness represents the END PRODUCT of a failing economic system.

And The Dow Jones at 34k. The gap between Main Street and Wall Street has never been more acute. This abysmal economic news should be enough to boost stocks. Many financial assets are soaring, whilst the average consumer is struggling with debt that has been brought into sharp focus by a loss of income.

Consumers are retrenching, and small businesses are facing bankruptcy, whilst central banks continue to support asset prices. The outlook for U.S. bankruptcies looks shocking.

Even when our economy was “booming,” no one in power suggested paying off one dime of debt. It got to a point where a trillion deficit a year (at least what we know of) was the new norm. Now it will be a 2.5 to 5 trillion a year deficit. Anybody in their 20s will probably see a quadrillion in total deficit at this pace.

US Debt well over 30 Trillion to start 2022. Might be closer to 35 Trillion. But as we all know, DEBT does not matter in modern-day economics. Shame on all of us that thought fundamentals meant anything. Today, 45 percent of Americans have close to zero cash in their savings account. And that’s according to a survey by GoBanking Rates.

Auto and student loans are also at record levels. Credit card delinquency rates are at a 20 year high. US consumers have been teetering on edge for years, living paycheck to paycheck. And now, with paychecks abruptly postponed and in some cases canceled, many households will be missing rental, mortgage, and credit card payments and also skipping on health care, setting in motion the dominoes in which their credit scores will be impaired.

And banks who are already hoarding cash will be reluctant to lend. Government handouts will be used to plug the holes in today’s cash flows, or they will be hoarded in order to offset a decline in future revenue or wages.

And in many cases, it will be used to pay down debt. Consumption patterns aren’t likely to return to pre-COVID levels, even if economies rapidly reopen. That would be deflationary.

So are we going to see coming deflation, inflation, hyperinflation, or stagflation? Will It Be An Inflationary Or Deflationary Depression? In my opinion, we are going to have Price deflation in many areas but eventually high or hyperinflation on a global scale.

We can have deflation in some parts of the economy and still have price inflation in a lot of goods. Deflation, in certain asset groups, is possible, but the only certain outcome is hyperinflation.

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