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The Markets Illusion Coming to an End — Global Economic Collapse Unfolding

It’s been day after day, week after week, and month after month of waking up to the markets being higher. One morning soon, we wake up, and the party is over.

The Dow will drop 2000 points in one day, and that will just be the beginning. It is going to happen, and it will come when we least expect it. The exponential rise will stop. At least a 23% correction is coming. Small caps down 40-60% from their highs. A controlled crash of sort.

All the money flowed from the Russell 2000 into the cash-rich FAANG stocks – whose charts mirror that of the S&P500. Now that the S&P500 is severely over-extended, a correction is imminent, which will bring the small caps even further down.

Now is not the time to be fully invested. We are approaching May.

In May, sell and go away, and the correction begins Global Economic Collapse is unfolding. Anyone that thinks this is stopping here is straight smoking rock.

The passage of a 43% cap gains tax by Congress would do the trick. Taking a capital gain is a voluntary, discretionary action. It is the investor’s choice if and when they will take a capital gain on an investment. An onerous 43% tax will cause people to either take their gains beforehand at the 20% rate if they can or not take any gains at all and avoid the tax THAT way. If nobody takes their capital gains at 43%, you know how much revenue the government collects? ZERO dollars!

Bill Clinton knew that, which is why he CUT capital gains taxes and raised taxes on earned income. The big problem with onerous taxes like this one is that investors’ behavior changes from making investments based on their economic soundness to making financial decisions solely for tax reasons.

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