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2021 Stock Market in Epic Bubble just like 1929 Crash !!

The Stock Market is a house of cards; The unemployment numbers are inaccurate. We are in May. In May, sell and go away. The correction begins.

The fall will be faster and harder than anyone can imagine. There are no models that can include mass panic. Therefore no one can know exactly how it will happen. Market up 10-fold last 30 years. Best buys were March 2000 Y2 K crash, March 2009 Banking crash, and March 2020 Covid crash.

So about every decade,in March. It was Bernanke that said the housing market was not overvalued right before it collapsed. You can only flatten the Yield curve so much buying Treasuries. If this decline continues on Monday, you should implement your exit strategy.

Monday will be Money Day.

Sell all the companies that have less than 5 billion market cap; those are lower quality stocks that will have the substantial correction anytime soon. They won’t be able to handle the shortage of supplies and labor when the economy reopens. And if inflation keeps increasing, it will eventually eat away any earnings.

If the Fed inflates assets 100% by devaluing the dollar, no wealth was generated. The purchasing power or value of the asset HAS NOT CHANGED.

Capital gains taxes need to be derated for inflation otherwise it’s straight up theft by money system!!

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