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Banking Crisis Approaching as The economy is Already Overdosing on Cheap Money

May 8, 2021

Banking Crisis Approaching as The economy is Already Overdosing on Cheap Money We are in a freefalling economy. Our entire manufacturing sector is in free-fall; the Service sector is in free-fall.

Our debt and deficit are exploding. And they are calling it a booming economy, when in fact we are headed towards depression.

And most Americans are already there, as poverty and homelessness are exploding. The Dollar has constantly been falling for a year.

In twitter investment communities lot of bearish prognosis. China is buying gold massivly, EU has managed to balance their budgets by cutting expenses, The US is the only one left printing dollars. Billions of stimulus money vanishing into the stock market heaven! What a great use of taxpayers’ money.

When the government is in control of the market, they will take it higher and higher to fund programs. The markets are now the engine that drives Social Security, retirement accounts, pensions, etc. Massive influx of new welfare cash is about to hit and drive the next leg up.

Trillions in deficit, runaway social programs, I mean “social infrastructure investment”, 20 million workers drawing unemployment benefits ; highest budget deficit in history of the modern world . The dollar has been weakened so much already that every additional stock purchases by the Fed exponentially weakens the dollar.

They have created perfect storm. If that continues, then 1.3 next week. The US has to collapse the stock market, that’s the only option saving US Dollar.

We are one step away from hyper inflation. The recent rush to buy houses and properties is a good indicator that there is a concern about the amount of money being printed over the last 12 months. History has shown that long-term fixed-interest plus fixed-payment real estate is the best hedge to hyper-inflation.

The money printing press is running day and night for buying goods and stocks from other countries. The Fed inflates assets 100% by devaluing the dollar, no wealth is generated.

The purchasing power or value of the asset HAS NOT CHANGED. Capital gains taxes need to be derated for inflation otherwise its straight up theft by money system!!

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