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China and The Fed to Introduce Digital Currency After They Crash and Ban Bitcoin

China and The Fed to Introduce Digital Currency After They Crash and Ban Bitcoin

US Dollar Drops to a Three-Year Low; it could dip 10% Lower.The Dollar has been flirting with lows again, as the U.S. Dollar Index (DXY) dropped to a low of 89 on Tuesday and the following Thursday.

This is the third time since April 2018, the DXY has been this weak, and some analysts think the currency could drop even lower.

Momentum has also turned negative recently for Bitcoin. Instead of short-term dips and long-term price appreciation, you will get short-term rallies and long-term price depreciation. The party is over for Bitcoin.

This morning’s selloff is apparently due to The Chinese Government making another statement about “cracking down on Bitcoin use. Bitcoin falls after China calls for crackdown on bitcoin mining and trading behavior. Pyramid scheme is breaking down. They all do eventually. Bagholders will get nothing.

The US Government too is now going to regulate crypto !! Hong Kong to restrict crypto trading to only professionals. This will tank as fear spikes.massive sell-off across entire crypto industry all at once. Everybody who owned Bitcoin lost 1/3 of their holdings because they could have sold above $60k.Nothing legitimate can fall that far that fast. Just get out and move on and lesson learned.

China bans crypto: -40%. Hong Kong bans crypto: -11%. Let me ask you a question, how much do you think will be left after the USA bans it?

Like all pyramid schemes they will fall apart and the late comers will lose everything. A completely useless asset. You can’t spend it, you can’t store value in it, and because it destroys the environment, it will soon be banned everywhere.

You are literally buying zeros and ones on a hard drive somewhere for real money. Shake your head! Sorry for you young crypto traders .You were warned, so now you will feel the pain.

This pyramid has run out of suckers now that every single sucker in the world has bought into it ; (17% of US adults).Looks like no more prospect of exponential growth, and all of a sudden people are realizing they’re holding worthless made up ones and zeros.

Bitcoin will be banned everywhere within a year. Get out now or lose it all. It is headed to ZERO soon as it gets banned on every level, because of its egregious power consumption.

The Fed is preparing a US Digital Dollar backed by government which is Bearish for Bitcoin.

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