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Dollar has about 3 Years of Life Left — The US Economy STANDING ON THE EDGE OF THE GRAND CANYON!

Dollar has about 3 Years of Life Left — The US Economy STANDING ON THE EDGE OF THE GRAND CANYON – COLLAPSE IS COMING NOW!

Another day of market chaos brought to you by the DNC and their failed policies.This market is a Las Vegas casino! In the end all bubbles crash and burn, and usually lose 90% of their value.

Stocks at astronomical values that have no sales or have small sales and lose money will all crash to the ground. Bitcoin is just trash too, and in the end all of this trash will lose 90% of it’s value. Just hyped up trash.

All the fools holding on will lose everything. Enjoy if you believe in this fake stuff!! You are just being foolish and being CONNED. In the end you will find out how FOOLISH you’ve been.

The entire house of cards that defines the U.S. economy rests on the foundation of the dollar’s reserve currency status. Lose that, and the economy topples.

In the face of record-high employment years after the end of the great recession, the Fed’s worship of Wall Street kept them engaging in massive borrowing and kept the system awash in artificially cheap money.

Meanwhile, Mom and Pop retiree ate their seed corn because they could not earn interest on their money, as zombie companies were propped up.

Now the Fed has no choice but to keep rates low but has no ammo to make a meaningful rate cut that would help us weather this storm.

The Fed’s action has destroyed price discovery, creative destruction, and free markets in general. With revenues massively down and stratospheric private and the public debt, we will have to raise taxes at the worst possible time.

Oh well, at least we had that tax cut for the ridiculously rich, which did not trickle-down.

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