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Time to Panic as The Fed Starts Reverse Repo & Massive Inflation , We never did learn From 1929 !!

There is too much liquidity in the Banks and in Wall Street, but None in the streets of America. And people still wonder how this will end.

How did the Federal Reserve morph from a provider of temporary liquidity to being in control of the entire money supply via digital minting! The Fed seems to NEVER retrieve or retire from what they initiate.

Is it really consistent with our form of government that the unelected and unaccountable would have so much POWER? M2 was increased by 27% in less than a year. Who decided? Who approved? One man made the decision to expand the NATION’s money supply to that degree? And create massive inflation?

Article 1 section 8 gives Congress the power to mint, and that power can NOT BE DELEGATED.

This new Fed since 2009 when Bernanke promised QE would temporary, has aided and abetted an increase of the national debt by 20 TRILLION DOLLARS!!!

The monetary nuclear fission reactor was sold to the public as producing free energy created out of thin air. Created debts are the fuel, splitting the currency by debasement, producing inflation, the power which runs the State.

Unfortunately the engineers were economical with the truth. The monetary fission system is fundamentally unsound. The spent debts pile up as highly toxic waste, emitting interest and poisoning the nation In perpetuity.

The Federal Reserve must be shut down for good.

Under QE the Fed buys treasuries and bonds from the US Treasury, from banks, or from the market. In reverse repos the Fed sells securities to the banks in return for their excess cash.

The privately owned Fed is only accountable to their owners, the bankers. Their duo mandate is pure theatre for the masses.

It’s simply about wealth transfer from every entity to the bankers. Plan and Protect yourselves accordingly.

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