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The Dollar is Going to Collapse

Printing money causes inflation. That’s what a crashing dollar is. It’s crashing in value and making you spend more dollars to get the same goods than before the crash.

The Fed says there’s nothing to worry about. Inflation is just going to magically come back down. We are still going to be at 2% inflation. So, we can keep the printing presses going with the pedal to the metal, and we are going to have these huge deficits.

We are going to print all this money, and there is nothing to worry about. Well, you better worry! This crisis will be much worse than 2008, and unlike 2008, nobody’s getting a bailout.

The reason the Fed could do the bailouts is the Fed could print the money to fund the bailout. The next crisis is the dollar that is going to be in crisis. The dollar is going to be crashing, and they can’t bail anybody out from a dollar crash because all they can do is print more dollars, which will just accelerate the collapse of the dollar.

The warning is simple. This is a completely dysfunctional economy that is going to collapse when the bottom drops out of the dollar.

I think that crisis is close at hand.

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