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Wells Fargo Shuts Down All Existing Personal Lines Of Credit

Wells Fargo Shuts Down All Existing Personal Lines Of Credit Something really big and bad is about to happen.

We’ve been saying this for years ,I know. But you can feel the energy and tension EVERYWHERE now. The signs are on the wall, Russia has divested of all dollars, China is delisting its companies from US exchanges, US commercial banks are closing credit lines.

Nato on the war path. Collapse is only a few months away. We are on the precipice. Something wicked this way comes.

The banks are positioning themselves in advance. I’m sure they see the writing on the walls. We have to wait for the curtain to get pulled back to see how bad it will really be.

Big money bidding bonds. Banks force closing lines of credit. Somebody got a memo. Shouldn’t be long now. Wells Fargo is shutting down all existing personal lines of credit in coming weeks and no longer offers the product, according to customer letters reviewed by CNBC.

A Trillion being parked at the FED by the banks, now credit lines being shut down. Oh goody, something big is about to happen. Smart money knows something.

I remember this is exactly what happened in 2006-2007 just before the housing crash and the great recession. I figure we are 6-12 months before a massive collapse.

Credit Card companies like Capital One have been cutting credit lines in half for the past year. Happened to me and some friends of mine. They see a recession ahead and are getting ahead of it by lowering credit.

Same thing happened in 2009. Fed 2008: Consume as much as possible. Fed 2021: Consume Nothing And Be Happy!

Banks find that having customers is risky. Wells Fargo is totally corrupt. Just file for bankruptcy already and don’t repay a cent. They can eat their unsecured loans.

Their Headquarter is in San Francisco, so they do not have the same access to the friendly information and collaboration with the New York Fed which the New York banksters experience: JP Morgan, Citicorp, Goldman, Morgan Stanley.

The CEO of Morgan Stanley is on the Board of Directors for the New York Fed.