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The Market is Overdue for a Catastrophic Crash

Jul 30, 2021

Today the perfect storm is upon us. Debt is crashing this economy.

Devastation on a biblical proportion is before us, and virtually nobody sees it.

They are going to QE trillions into buying stocks trying to hold a value up. We’re looking at deflation just like what happened in 1929. Means prices are going to drop.

All the JP Morgan indicted brass has suddenly gotten sick and dropped out of sight. If one is too big to fail bank goes. They all go.

Investors withdrew $12.2 billion from U.S. funds that buy corporate bonds and loans, the biggest weekly total in at least a decade.

We are inside the reset, which has already begun.

As long as the ten year stays below 1, the Market will implode. The Dollar will continue to be devalued all the way to the end of 2021 when the derivatives end