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Supply-Chain Chaos — Container Rates Skyrocket Even Higher

Another week, another record for container shipping spot rates. And alarmingly for shippers, upward rate momentum is accelerating.

There is a scramble to get empty containers to West Coast ports so they can be returned to Asia and used for US imports.

There is no Cure For High Prices quite like High Prices. It’s called inflation, you print money it buys less. And More Inflation is coming. Costs of everything is going up, and quick. The prices of some things the regime can control, others it can’t, international shipping is a can’t for the Plunge Protection Team.

Use the pandemic to disrupt the supply chains and voila! Prices up; profits down. The trend here is that every person in the US is going to be a multi-millionaire from government handouts, and there will be nothing to buy anywhere. With continual shutdowns, i don’t see how anyone can expect the shelves in stores to get restocked anytime in the foreseeable future.

Between the real and manufactured supply chain issues, rising costs of fuels worldwide, shortages of containers and glut of containers sitting empty at the end of routes requiring a deadhead run to fetch, retooling to assemble goods in Indonesia and points outside China, folks need to consider the rising inflation here and in other countries.

They’ve managed to conceal it from the consumers with product shrinkage and shortages rising demand. It’s become obvious the banksters think they can print themselves out of this pickle but we all know what that means.

Rising inflation; and if they play their cards wrong as they have been, we likely will see hyperinflation within the next couple years. Unless your flush with bucks like most of us we have eliminated our debt, stacked a little gold and silver and stored up hard goods, supplies and food – holding our collective breaths to waiting to learn how the government will creatively legislate our stacks away from us.