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China Preparing To Launch The Digital Yuan: Prepare For The US Dollar Collapse!

Sep 1, 2021

China will be the first country to launch a digital currency. China’s digital yuan would be a “potentially fatal challenge” to American hegemony.

Honestly, who wouldn’t want all one’s wealth under the total surveillance and control of China’s Communist Government? Sounds like a great idea! This currency is more designed to further repress the local population. A new crypto that gives China even more power over its citizens and over the world economy.

The digital Yuan is going to be just another way for a totalitarian government to watch us. Control over the people via digital currencies is one of the goals of the Great Reset.

The ECB too is moving ahead with its own plans for a digital currency by the mid 2020’s. The Chinese have used a lottery to hand out free digital Yuan to test pilot the new system. It has been received well by residents of Shenzhen.

The Chinese government is not going to have to force anyone to adopt digital currency. The Chinese people will love it.China is the most wired place on earth, and they love it.

Notice how we already have digital currencies but that isn’t good enough, they need to make cash illegal. They want to keep track of you and control you with the press of a button, cutting off your ability to buy or sell if you step out of line.

All countries are going to a digital crypto currency even the US which will release its White Paper this summer. Lagarde is going to do the same this summer…..