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Biggest Stock Market Crash Ever Coming In Weeks: Prepare For The Worst Financial Meltdown Since 1929

There are fires, flooding, and a ravaging health crisis. But the markets just keep going up day after day, week after week.

This will be the worst market crash since 1929.

If the market rolls over soon, the economy will collapse like in 2008. The US Stocks are today insanely Overvalued and Overbought! A Heavy Correction is imminent!

Soon the Market will COLLAPSE BIG TIME!

It seems like all the predictions of the degradation of society we were warned about have come to pass; The US Government is viciously PUMPING the Stocks and Oil prices! As inflation Skyrockets! We have a record in the M2 money supply, which is driving the bubble.

The Fed is about six months behind on tapering the $1.5 trillion per year flood of bond buying. They are well overdue on tapering and need to allow interest rates to rise.

Debt is higher than ever. The FED has destroyed the market, the middle class, and the real economy. This is definitely the biggest Ponzi on the planet. This will hit the fan very soon.

The panic will be so abrupt that nearly all of us will find that we cannot get our orders to execute. We will be stuck and have to watch helplessly as our shares plummet. Best of all is when we finally can unload our ruined stocks, the money we get for them will have fallen EVEN FASTER.

A major COLLAPSE is incoming!

The Fed has destroyed markets by manipulating interest rates and printing trillions to prop up markets. The fact that FED officials are day trading the stock market is prima facie proof that we are a nation of weak leaders, and corruption is so deep.

The government keeps feeding fuel to the inflation. The CPI is up 2.0% in the most recent three months. Annualized that comes to 8% inflation. The PPI is up 2.5% in the most recent three months. That comes to 10% annualized inflation.

Right now, we are seeing the highest M2 money supply in history and seeing surging inflation. The government would need to triple its response to control the raging events.

The stock market is losing breadth. Soon it will dive. Yes, prices continue to rise, but growth is saturating. This situation is becoming unstable.

Most stocks will drop by even an even fraction than that 58%. Beware. Banks know very well about this and have been monitoring central bankers’ private accounts and their trading activity for decades in order to get a heads-up about upcoming decisions as well.

Bottomless filth and corruption everywhere. Corruption brings down all empires. I guarantee these deceitful politicians won’t have any dollar-denominated investments when hyperinflation hits. They will know long before us when that happens.

And please: don’t use the stock market as a proxy for the economy’s performance. First off, there are scads of better economic indicators – the unemployment rate, the inflation rate, the worker productivity rate, to name just a few – and more than a few should be consulted for a more complete picture of the economy’s overall health.

Second, the surging stock market only has meaning for investors, not (non-investing) workers; you’re not reaping any rewards without some skin in the game, after all.

Finally, investors may very well cash out when they believe there are no more gains to be had, and that may precipitate a decline. If we’re really in a bubble, that decline will be steep and sudden. But the sell-off will be an effect, not a cause.

Whether or not it will pursue the right policies to prevent it is, quite honestly, anyone’s guess. The economic gains are going to the rich, as they have for many decades.