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Private Banks Who Have The License To Create Money Will Cause Economic Collapse

Sep 28, 2021

The Big banks have all the reasons to manipulate the treasury yield. They want to force the Fed’s hands to hike interest rates because high rates profit the bank.

Just look at bank stocks today, the only ones to gain. Also banks have been shouting and manipulating the media to create the buzz that high treasury yields are bad for growth stocks. All this stock rotation story is the biggest market manipulation ever.

Just read the mainstream media everyday the way they wish for all this. These are bank accounts of the global rich hiding their money, either ill-gotten gains or evading taxes. They will keep dumping the failing loans to big investors with plenty of printed money to scoop them up.

They may sell a few of them to the common folks to save face. With the remaining inventory, they will be gracious enough to rent the properties at the top dollar. This has been skewing the foreclosure numbers for a while and limiting supply to keep prices up.

Think about it… 30-year mortgage rates are in the 3.5% ballpark, and home sales are declining in many parts of the country. Who’s to say that there won’t be a much more rapid, time-wise, symmetrical retracement, on the way down. Just because there was a six-year time frame, on the way up, doesn’t necessarily mean there will be a resultant six-year symmetrical retracement to the downside.

The same could be true for equities, which ascended from 2009, through today, with occasional pullbacks/retracements. When this baby, equities/housing, takes a dump, the time frame will look nothing like the elevator ride up.

The cable holding the elevator will be nonexistent. So, if you’re anticipating the correction moving at the pace of a leisurely walk down a flight of stairs, you’re in for a rude awakening…