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Iran deploys Rapid Intervention Forces along Iraq Border

The commander of special units in Iran’s internal security forces, Brigadier-General ,Hassan Karami announced the deployment of rapid intervention units in four border points with Iraq in order to provide security for visitors.

“A big number of visitors are crossing from the four border pionts (Mehran, Shalmajah, Jazabeh and Khosravi) to participate in the Arba’een pilgrimage ceremony,” Fars quoted Karami.

“From midnight Wednesday to Thursday at 10:00 am , 100,000 visitors have crossed from Mehran port to Iraq,” he said.

“The Iranain forces will work to speed up the passage of visitors and provide them with security due to the large number of visitors to Iraq”, he said, adding that the forces of the special units are now deployed in four border units to provide security for visitors.”

“Fortunately, there has been no threat or security problem so far,” he said in response to a question about the conditions of the border. Source