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Activists attack Nouri al-Maliki: You are the reason for the Samarra attack because you gave weapons and land to ISIS

On social media, Iraqi activists attacked the head of the State of Law coalition Nuri al-Maliki, claiming that it was the reason for ISIS’s terrorist attack on security forces in Samarra.

Maliki said in a tweet on his account via the “Twitter” website, “While we offer condolences to the families of the martyrs and their fellow fighters who won martyrdom in this honorable month at the hands of the ISIS morals in Tikrit.”

He added, “We call for the lack of complacency and caution from ISIS’s terrorist plans , especially in light of the current circumstances, mercy of our heroic martyrs and the speedy recovery of the wounded and the injured.”

Activists responded to al-Maliki, saying: “The attack in Samarra and not in Tikrit, but it seems that the sectarian phobia that is raging inside you has taken you away from the event.”

They added, “Everything that happens is because of you because you gave weapons and land to the ISIS terrorists.”
They sent a message to al-Maliki saying, “All the misfortunes of Iraq with your neck, the blood of the Spyker martyrs with your neck.”

The activists called for the trial of Nuri al-Maliki, the former prime minister, for his crimes against Iraqis.

The activists affirmed that the deep state that Maliki established in Iraq with the support of the terrorist regime in Iran today prevented him from being held accountable for his crimes during the eight years of his bloody rule.

The activists pointed out that Maliki’s crimes in Iraq include “the Ziraa massacre in 2007, the Souk Al-Shuyukh massacre 2008, the Hawija massacre 2013, and the handover of Mosul to ISIS in 2014”.

They also added, from Maliki’s crimes, “the assassination of civilian activists, human rights violations, the transformation of the security establishment into a sectarian tool to liquidate” his opponents, “the Spyker massacre of 2014.

And they continued, that it is also one of Maliki’s crimes in Iraq, “the Saqlawiyah massacre, theft and waste of public money, administrative and financial corruption, and strengthening sectarianism.”

The activists affirmed that these and other crimes will never be statute of limitations and will pay for them.

And the ” Baghdad Post ” monitors the reactions of the activists of the social networking site “Twitter” on the tweet of Nuri al-Maliki after the ISIS attack in Samarra:

And the account of “Ali Muhammad” said, “It is sufficient that you have secured your green area? !! And shout the Shiites wherever they are. They are firewood for your stay in the spoils, looting and corruption.” Source