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Iraq’s al-Kadhimi: We will release protest detainees, except those linked to killings

Iraq’s new Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi has vowed his government will release all detainees arrested during the popular protest movement that gripped the nations months ago, except for those involved in killings.

“The detainees will be released except for those involved in the blood of the Iraqis. We will hold the negligent accountable and provide compensation to those affected,” al-Kadhimi said in his first televised address as premier.

“Our government will be a transparent one,” al-Kadhimi vowed, adding that he called on his government to “work hard” in the service of the Iraqi people after holding his first cabinet meeting on Saturday.

On the issue of the elections, al- Kadhimi stressed that one of the priorities of his government is to secure safe conditions to conduct fair and transparent elections.

“We support the work of the Independent High Electoral Commission, which is a true partner of the government for achieving fair and fair elections,” he said during his speech.

After five months, and two failed attempts to form a government in Iraq, the country appointed al-Khadhimi – a former intelligence chief and journalist – as the country’s new premier earlier this week. Source